Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ode to strongbow

sioux city.
aka sewer city
airport code: sux
and for a good reason.
i am here for a photoshoot this week.
even though i am learning some new things about high res big time shoots-
the best thing by far was when we ended our long day yesterday at 8pm and went downtown for some beer at buffalo alice's.
i was pleasently surprised when i asked if they had any cider beers and the young gal said,

"Well we have Strongbow, Hornsbys..."
I said, "Stop! Did you say Strongbow?"
She said, "Yes."
I said, " OH MY GOD! That is what I drank in London everyday."

it's true. rain or shine. in the pub or in bed. even in windows. on the street. under the stars. arm wrestling. dancing. laughing. running. jumping. posing. on the jack the ripper tour- chugging faster then normal. charging up the pounds on our credit cards. living. cheers'ing every time. we drank the strongbow and loved every drop out of the tap or it's extra tall can.

thank you strongbow for the memories.

i heart you.

it was good to see you again in sioux city when i least expected you and needed you most.

you are a good friend.

i hope to see you again soon.


Jimmy said...

i love strongbow
and i love you
and i really love my bday present!

thank you

Danelle the Photographer said...

ps- i wish we had pints that were actually pints here. those pints were way bigger.

Katie said...

wait a minute...I saw a stumpy jack in there!

My favorite was our bedtime strongbows. Danelle and I both cuddled up in our beds, watched wedding crashers and drank our strongbows before we went to bed.

i love you too strongbow. You and Danelle.