Monday, December 25, 2006

happy birthday little baby jesus.

thanks for the great christmas schlegelmilches.

practicing for the wedding..."i just have to dance," ben screamed. "will you please move linsey? i need to dance there."

cousins gotta hug.

lena takes a picture of uncle tom and his new slang flash cards.

bride and flowergirl...i let her borrow my camera for the night and she later proclaimed," i should be a photographer." i said, "yes you should!"

lena practicing her rock and roll splits for the wedding.

margie on the loose...

the ring bear ben...he kept telling lena she would be a ring bear too, but didnt like the idea of being a flower boy...

our little flower girl- lena

linsey wants a new car she says...santa says oh- one you can ride in? duh!

oh that's right...joel and i got a special wedding wish from santa...he didnt even ask us what we wanted...

margie before she realizes santa is holding her.

margie after she notices it is indeed santa- who she doesn't care for...

big brother ben laughing at margie's near death experience.

lena and santa...alls she wanted was one bell from his sleigh.

ben the elf

lena and lil margie

christmas morning holds a special schlegelmich tradition of shotting things with an old 22. this is the first year i actually was up to the challange.

even moms shoot guns on christmas.

my big sis and her hubby...

my christmas present i get everyday.

grandpa schlegelmilch and sandy the puppy...killer boots man!

the winner of the christmas shoot out was matt. second place linsey. third tie of joel and kim. i somehow managed to not even hit my dang target. i told them, "i shoot cameras- not guns." they said if it were a camera i would rock at shooting things. there is always next christmas.


molly said...

i am laughing so hard...i love it!

Jimmy said...

i want to shoot something!

Linsey said...

I love you. I am so glad we have a photographer in the family now.....You definitely are excellent at shooting things with a camera...we'll work on the gun part. hee hee

Katie said...

i sometimes wish for a big family. that looks like fun.

Joan said...

Just curious....your grandpa's name is Schlegelmilch. That's my last name. Don't know whether or not we might be related?