Monday, June 09, 2008

crazy weekend of weather...

so this weekend, and the last few weeks in nebraska and iowa in general, we have had horrendous weather.
on our way up to rochester we saw some scary clouds.
there was even a storm chaser pulled over staring at the clouds we were driving under!
not a good sign we we drove faster not knowing what county exactly we were in... (note to self: get a u.s. atlas)
we seemed to somehow pass all of the tornadoes though.
the flooding was insane in iowa. i couldn't help but think of how the fields looked just like the rice patties in japan that we saw last year this time.

beauty even in the destruction.
and thank god everyone is ok here in omaha after the tornado millard had.
i woke up to a text on sunday morning from linsey saying, "ahhhhh! disaster hits omaha, and the most prepared person is out of town!"
sad but true.
but you guys can't say i didn't warn you a few weeks ago to be prepared!...

(photo linsey snapped in her hood)
stay safe omaha and world.
make a kit and be prepared!

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