Friday, June 27, 2008

crazy winds and hail hit omaha!

a crazy storm just blew through.
i saw some rather ominous looking clouds while laying out at the pool and decided to roam home...
a few minutes later the sirens went off.
then crazy clouds...
then insane cold winds...
then the rain...
then the marble sized hail.
all swirling and whirling around.
i have never in my life seen clouds moving so fast!
the power flashed, cable box went out, penny ran for safety...
i grabbed the ol' camera and shot away.
after i got my tornado bag out and everything in our safe place of course. haha
the hail was coming down so fast and hard it ripped holes in the screens in our windows.
then there was huge piles of hail laying around on the ground. it looked just like pellet ice from sonic was dumped everywhere.
funny how it goes from being hot and humid to cold and windy in minutes.
then bright and sunny again...

here is the video i shot from on our can see the wind swirling around the building and rain rushing through. it was crazy and took my breath away.

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