Thursday, June 26, 2008

deferred AGAIN!

i am totally bummed...
i was so excited to be able to donate blood today at our concert blood drive.
i was deferred for a year after traveling to s.korea last year...deferred for travel to mexico a few years earlier, then tattoos, etc in college and have never donated blood ever ever!
waited all day today to get the media and bands taken care of then headed over to donate.
i had a high pulse (110) and fever (99.8)! ugh!
they even re-tested me twice.
no go.
will i ever be able to donate blood?
am i the only one at the red cross that has never donated blood?
at least i tried i guess.
good news is joel actually got to donate!
yay- for first time donors.

...more to come tomorrow with photos.

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