Tuesday, August 03, 2010


in college me and mr. joel starting saying woot woot...
i honestly thought we invited the word...until we googled it one day and came across woot.com.
a website that sells one item a day- cheap.
the best part of it is that they have the best copywriters.
they can be selling a bag of peanuts and its hilarious.
check out today's shirt woot and it's description...simply amazing. (don't forget to zoom in on the picture)
you better believe i ordered it.

See the world’s hottest pastries going WILD!

That’s right, Cakes Gone Wild is giving you EXCLUSIVE VIP ACCESS to the hottest clubs where only the hottest baked goods go! And these tarts (and quiches, and pies, and cookies) are taking it ALL off!

YOU asked for it and WE delivered! Shortcrusts! Cupcakes! Muffins! See them all completely blind-baked and ready for action! These pastries are shakin’ their shortening and we’re bringing you nothing but the butter, baby!

To order “Cakes Gone Wild Volume XVII” call 1-900-HOT-CAKE or visit cakesgonewild.com today! Order now and we’ll throw in a special BONUS video, “Cakes Gone Wild: Baklava Babes,” a $39.95 value, absolutely free!


Wear this shirt: Into your local pastry shop staffed by attractive and easily-amused members of whichever gender you’re into. They’re going to like it.

Don’t wear this shirt: If you’re just going to drop cupcake crumbs all over it.

This shirt tells the world: “That cake is somebody’s DESSERT, you know.”

We call this color: Olive her frosting off.

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