Tuesday, June 19, 2007

day 30-God bless America! We are home!!!

(i updated all of the photos from the past week- please see past blogs)

what a day...well a few of them i guess.

we lived monday june 18th twice. the first day was spent on the beach in kwaj and the second was spent traveling for 24 straight hours!

the flight from kwaj to honolulu was ok- we had a stop in majuro and got into hawaii about 2am. it was quiet the experience. the pa boxes came out on the carousel wet and broken open boxes. we were not excited to see that at all. all of the islanders checked about 50 coolers full of fish- and it appeared that some broke open on the flight and wet down missys suitcase and our pa!

we had to load all our stuff up- get through customs and get all of our gear up to the departures area...on small elevators. that was fun. the whole airport was closed so we had to wait around until 5am to get our stuff through the usda xray machine. but you better believe we were first in line. we later found out that continental should have taken all of our bags downstairs after customs because they were checked all the way to omaha. i was not happy to hear this. what a headache that would have saved me. and did i mention i have a horrible cold? not good.

anyways we made it though check in, got some burger king breakfasts and headed back in time to la!

we got to la- took a shuttle to our terminal and said goodbye to missy and josh in la and headed to omaha!

this was by far our favorite flight- maybe because it was our last flight home- but mostly because it was on midwest express. i love love love this airline. anyone that gives you big comfy leather chairs, extra leg room and hot chocolate chip cookies is ok by me.

our flight from la ended up being a 30 minutes late- but we were all so excited to be home.

it was good to see our families again and get our feet on some nebraska ground.

...now for the unpacking and laundry.

now i have to repack for a early thursday flight to baltimore for my cousin julia's wedding in that im taking pictures at in pennsylvania this weekend. im not looking forward to getting on a plane again- but at least this flight will be short and sweet and there will be lots of loved ones to see on the other end of this country waiting for me!

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