Tuesday, June 19, 2007

day 24- guam day 2

---we havent had the internet for a few days, so i am playing catch up now on dial up internet in kwajalein ...but it wont upload my pics- so i will do this as soon as i find internet that can handle my hardcore pictures!---

today we woke up early and headed out to the beach again...
swam and some of us took a paddle boat out to the coral wall out in the middle.

we played a show at the navy base that night and had a decent turn out. not the best...but not the worst. it was still fun. we met some nice guys from nebraska, oklahoma and iowa! it's such a small world.

after that we drove back to our resort, got some beers and headed to the beach for some fun...not too much though- because we have a 5:30am lobby call.

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