Wednesday, June 27, 2007

home again...then gone again...

seems to be the story of my life lately.

home a week ago yesterday from my tour around the world.

got my hair did, switched suitcases and headed off to baltimore a day later to shoot pictures at my cousin juila's wedding in pennsylvania... oh and do make-up.

my dad and uncle picked me up from bwi...and i had no voice- from being horribly sick! we drove into intercourse, pennsylvania...yes that it's name- those pennsylvania dutch are crazy with naming towns- there is a virginvile, bird in hand and paradise all next towns over. ps- we stopped at chic-fil-a. god bless america!

did i mention this is amish country?

anyways the wedding went good-julia's fiance' broke his foot the week of the wedding- and was on crutches, but other than that- everything else went well.

the pictures turned out great, juila was a beautiful bride and it was awesome to see the petersen's/cramers again!

while on my way home i got the sad news that joel's grandfather gene passed away sunday night in kansas...joel had been down there that weekend and his family all got to talk to him and say some last goodbyes- but it broke my heart that i wasnt there for my husband.

the first time we have been apart since the wedding...and the last time- for a while if i have my way. i missed him entirely too much.

so i finally get home monday night at 7pm and have to turn around and go to work in the morning and ask for more time off after being gone for a month. i was stressed out- but it all worked out, my boss was cool- and said to take today off and come back when im home on friday or monday. thank god. im so glad i get to go- it would have really broken my heart if she said no.

so here i am taking a few things out of my suitcase from monday and adding a few new things...

someday i will be home...

at least for longer than 2 days.

here are a few raw photos from the wedding...unedited--more to load yet.

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