Tuesday, June 05, 2007

japan day 14-halfway through the tour

today we just relaxed in the morning and did a little shopping.
mandy somehow got a horrible cold and has felt miserable today. i feel really bad for her...but i have given her the proper meds and sent her to bed early...even got her soup earlier- mom you taught me well.
we had a radio interview today at 3pm with the armed forces network radio station here at sasebo...
then we did a sound check and had some dinner at the venue.
show was at 7pm and there was actually a really big crowd that showed up.
the show went really well and we had quiet a few dancers tonight!
after the show we did a tv interview for the afn and autographs and pictures.
now we are just back at the hotel...everyones having a gaming party and im blogging.

tomorrow is iwakuni usmc base.
we have a 5 hour bus ride then a 9pm show...so a good and busy day.

pray mandy doesn't have sars and gets better soon.

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