Saturday, June 09, 2007

japan day 16-KOREA

today is josh's birthday! all day we were sure to remind him and everyone around us of it too.

for his birthday we decided to go to south korea...ok we were going anyways but we said it was for his bday.

today was a big travel day.
we got up early and took a 1.5 hour bus ride to the airport. then we took a 1.5 hour flight from hiroshima to tokyo. then 2 hour flight to seoul, south korea. then another hour drive to our hotel, the marriott downtown.

this hotel is insane!! sooooo nice. they have everything. our rooms are super nice and beautiful views of the city from our 19th floor room.

we walked around and looked for something for his birthday dinner and ended up at an outback steak house somehow. it was fun.

we called it a night because tomorrow we have an 8am lobby call!

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