Saturday, June 09, 2007

day 18-Korea day 2

today we woke up early and visited the glorious marriott breakfast buffet.
it was soooo amazing. everything you can think of- even 6 types of ice cream. it was included in our room rates- but i guess cost like $50 a person. wowowoewewewaa.

we then went to camp kim to get military id's issued to us...ironically they messed up on josh's we later found out. it was only issued for one base not all of them. whoops. the korean bus driver called them stupid chicken heads.

then we did an radio interview and back to the hotel.

we went exploring and discovered our hotel has a huge pool, fitness center, rock climbing wall, scuba diving tank, golf hitting deal, squash ball courts and so much more.

we then loaded up on the bus for a 2 hour ride to camp casey for a show. we did another radio interview while the boys set up the stage. we were supposed to play outdoors- but it started to rain so we moved into the golf course club house to play.

it just so happened to be 10cent wing night- so we felt right at home.

the show started a few hours early- but there was still a great turn out. the commander of the base even introduced us himself. he gave us some sweet little coins with his base on it for playing the show!

...and mandy won around $300 on the pirate slot machine- so i would call it an overall great night.

2 hour ride back to the hotel and we just chilled out and watched some good old american television.

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