Monday, June 04, 2007

japan day 13

today was day off day number one of two.

we spent it sleeping in- after a late night of fun...not really- we all just hung out in the room, had some beers, wine and sushi and called it a night around 10pm...but we did sleep in.

half of the group walked to sasebo navy base to buy some Nintendo ds gaming 6/8 of the group has them and plays mario cart together and picto chats. josh has another sony game thing- but i have zero gaming systems. everyone feels sorry for me- but its not my thing. i would rather have the new pink fuji camera.

anyways so they spent the day playing games and shopping. i kicked it in the hotel room and went to get tex mex with joel.

japanese tex mex is funny. it was good but the portions here are all very small and we were really hungry.

that night we all met up and took some taxi's to the kujukushima islands. there are 208 islands in this group and they are beautiful. we wanted to take a sunset boat cruise- but the hotel said they didnt have any in june. we thought this meant all cruises- but then we went at night and saw they have them in the we might try to catch one tomorrow.

we went to dinner at a cute little place called pinocchios. we got pizzas (kyle sure loves his pizza's-even all over the world) and pastas. all were very good. we even left our mark on the walls.

tonight we are just relaxing. the gang is playing video games, and surfing the internet...a few of them just ran down to the family mart to get some snacks- thank god for joel getting me some häagen-dazs ice cream.

tomorrow we have free time until 3- when the girls and i have radio interviews then 4pm sound check and a 7pm show at sasebo navy base.

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