Monday, June 04, 2007

japan day 13-special edition blog...

first off- happy birthday to my baby sister, megan.
Happy Birthday(ハッピーバースデー)は、英語で誕生日を祝う言葉。

she is turning 20 today!!! teenager no more!
don't worry girl- you are getting a killer bday gift.
a lil japanese baby- jk...that's your wedding present.

i have been blogging daily for the group to just keep track of what we are up to and so i can remember...but i wanted to do blogs on a more personal note...but have been so stinking tired every night i have not really had a chance.

so here almost 2 weeks in on the tour- about halfway over i will give you a glimpse into all of the work and fun behind this tour.

first of all wow. this tour has been awesome. but soo much work.

i would have never imagined that it would have been so much work. just flying and traveling is crazy in itself. we have already been on 7 flights and even more buses and that is probably one of the hardest things...getting everyone and everything on and off of these things.

i have to make sure that all of our 35 pieces of luggage and equipment make it off of the bus, onto carts, into the airport and through security...and get the excess baggage orders (mcos) paid and that is fun when i don't speak japanese. but when we do this everyday almost- sometimes twice a day it gets so tiring that i just want to run away instead of help. but i have to get everyone checked in and get boarding passes, ect.

then after an hot and smushy japanese flight- we have to go get all our junk and load it up again to get threw the baggage claim (where they do check for every last 35 pieces with their matching claims ticket...then get the junk on the bus. then we have to unload it all into the venue or hotel or where ever. then the show and more loading and unloading. sooo much stuff...

anyways besides all of that the rest of the trip is a breeze. the band has been getting along pretty well...only one real blow out to speak of-but we all over it. im really proud of everyone and all of the hard work they have been putting in.

today is our first official day off and it is nice to relax in sasebo japan. we are staying off base for the first time and that is nice in itself. getting to live in japanese culture.

there are so many things that are different like:

1. there are vending machines on every corner...and diet coke comes in little aluminum bottles. you can also by cigarettes, ice cream, beer, sushi, and other snacks in these can even get bing bong soda!

2. traditional toilets for japanese women are just holes in the floor...and the other toilets are pimped out. heated seats, singing tunes so you cant hear each other peeing, bidets, ect.

3. they have tons of cool tiny cars...i want a pink fit when i get home so when i need to give the mini a rest i can drive it...

4. the time difference. we are 14 hours ahead of our family and friends in the midwest.

5. the land is so beautiful- from beaches to mountains- there is always something pretty to see.

6. japanese people can not pronounce- 'l' so we hear alot of fun names like 'zach rink' instead of zach link- and 'kyre' instead of kyle. and schlegelmilch is always awesome...i've had several japanese people tell me that they don't understand me when i say it. ps- it was great when spike said rearry instead of really.

but there are so many things like home:

1. there are 7-11's, KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks on every corner

2. clothing is almost all english- not always making sense- but engrish...

3. mtv japan has american artists...

4. there are tons of burger joints.

5. people on and off of base are usually very friendly and helpful.

overall this trip has been amazing. i am very glad and fortunate that i get to see this part of the world with my husband. it makes the trip 100% better to have him here taking good care of me.

i feel honored to be able to be part of entertaining the troops and love to talk to them after shows and hear how much it means to them. this is what makes my job so worth while.

thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. i am very blessed and am glad i can share this experience with you.

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