Wednesday, June 13, 2007

day 23- guam day 1.5

today we woke up to our ocean view rooms around 8 or 9am- after going to bed at around 3:30am...threw on our swimming suits and trunks and ran straight to the beach!

it is seriously the prettiest place all of us have ever seen.

erin said that it makes hawaii look like trash...

the water is crystal clear- the sand is white- the sky's are blue- the trees are tall...picture perfect.

kyle and joel found out there was a little cesar's last night- and walked there this afternoon to get some pizza.

i was in heaven on the beach with my pina coladas! one for each hand of course!
we swam and laid out on the beach until we had to get going to get ready for the show around 2pm.

we then got all our gear loaded up and headed to andersen air base for a show at the 'top of the rock.' we stopped at some scenic overlooks and it took our breath away it was so beautiful! we even saw a harley store folks!

then sound checked and sea food buffet! amazing!!

the show went awesome, the crowd was great and loved us!

alls that we can think about it getting back to the beach tomorrow morning!!

...we might just not come home guys-this place is AMAZING!

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