Tuesday, June 19, 2007

day 26- kwajalein day 2

today we woke up early for some breakfast in the chow hall and then missy, mandy and i did a radio interview...erin has been feeling sick so she went to the dr's- we found out she has bronchitis- and she got some meds- and went back to sleep.

then went out looking for sharks...we heard there were some at the marina and boy- where there! we saw about 6 sharks all swimming right below us (we were on land...dont worry moms)- it was amazing.

after that we went to macy's downtown (which is just a little tiny store on a little street with 2 other stores on it...one is macy's west (lawn stuff galore) and a little 7-11 like stop)...i forgot to mention that on this island- people drive bikes and some have golf carts- no cars allowed- unless you have a special job- and then they are all gov. trucks.

oh and kwajalein is not really an island- its an atoll- it use to be a volcano and its top blew off- then coral grew on it or something and people took over... and they do ballistic missile testing in the lagune...i guess they launch them from california into the ocean here. not the most accurate description- but close enough.

anyways after a sound check we went to the beach and swam then got cleaned up for the army ball.

the ball was interesting...to say the least. we sang a 45 min set then snuck up the back door with our sponsor to go to the bar- all dressed up- so we had to have somewhere to go!

we had a blast- the locals are all awesome and made sure we didn't have to play for our drinks! it was a fun late night of dancing and laughing.

more to come---if i can sneak over here later- and pictures to come when we get off this island!

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