Friday, June 01, 2007


today we arrived in atsugi around 2pm after a 2 hour bus ride and got a little tour of atsugi naval base.

the base is awesome. everything is really close and we can walk to everything.

the officers quarters where we are staying are super nice! full kitchens and living rooms.

joel finally got the 'monster' watch he has been looking at for months at the navy exchange store...

there is a harley dealer on base- but they don't sell t-shirts...sorry parents. we did pass some other stores on the way into town and will try to get into one before we leave.

the show tonight at the trilogy club went well. it was a cute little country bar and the crowd was having fun.

tomorrow we are headlining the friendship day festival. it is an outdoor festival that is open to the public so its should be a good time. the show is at 3pm so we are hoping to see some cool sites tomorrow night!

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