Tuesday, June 19, 2007

day 25- kwajalein day 1

today we had a 5:30am lobby call to go to the airport.
one of our drivers didnt show up for work- so after a few phone calls and waiting about an hour- we finally got it all figured out and got to the airport.

we got checked in and didnt miss our plane! i was relieved.

this flight was quiet the experience. we had 3 stops in microasia...so our flight ended up lasting about 6.5 hours before finally getting to kwaj. its airport is so small that you walk off of the plane and have to have military permission to even get off of the plane.

we showed up in kwajalein about 5pm and got our military tags, had the police dogs sniff our bags and loaded our gear up onto a big truck. this island is beautiful!!
the best part- we get 2 jumbo golf carts while we are here to cruise around in.

we got settled into the bachelors officers quarters and headed to the chow hall to have a delicious dinner...buffet style- so something for everybody. we were very excited to have free meals again- since most of us are pretty broke now.

after dinner some of us went back to the hotel and did some much needed laundry. erin is sick so she went straight to bed...mandy, missy, zach and josh went to a softball game, with kim our sponsor- and kyle and joel shaved their heads!

most of us went to bed early since we had been up since the sun was up that morning!

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