Wednesday, June 13, 2007

day 22- korea day 6/guam day 1

today we awoke to our last glorious breakfast buffet at the marriott.
you better believe that we made it our best too...we ate like there was no tomorrow.
we then hung out, shopped more, and checked out around 3pm.

we then had an hour bus ride to the airport to take off to guam.we got to the airport and had some fuss with the korean airlines ladies- and eventually got checked in... it was a mess with getting the instruments on the plane without a headache.

they wanted us to sign waivers with the values of all of our thousands of dollars worth of gear, saying they could loose or break our gear and not be responsible- after we gave them a huge check to bring that stuff on was a mess.

but we finally took off around 8:40pm and had a good flight. some weird dinner, the astronaut farmer was on the little tv's and some free beer and over all a good 4 hour flight.

we arrived in guam at 2am and found out the navy housing where we were supposed to be staying was full and that they were putting us up in the fiesta resort on the beach!!!

it is amazing! tropical paradise, ocean view rooms...we couldn't be happier.

we all ran right out to see the ocean even at 3am it was beautiful- we could even see the stars!

cant wait until tomorrow to take a dip!

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