Friday, June 29, 2007


ok so you all know how im pretty much obsessed with cupcakes.

it happened innocently as a child...simmered away as a grew- and is now back in full attack.

there are days when i can only think of how glorious it would be to just have one cupcake with pink icing and sprinkles.

well quiet sometime ago i remember reading about johnny cupakes in magazine, and then i quickly forgot.

today joel's mom just reminded me of his website.

he has an amazing story kids- you have to check it out. this boy is our age and started making some shirts and buttons for his friend's bands and went out on the road with them pedaling his johnny cupcakes gear- and is now super successful and has some of the coolest marketing i have seen. and has stores all over the world.

check it out friends!

i know i will be buying some cupcake gear today!

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Heather B said...

Now I am going to have to order a shirt- his site was fab!