Tuesday, June 19, 2007

day 27- kwajalein day 3

happy father's day dad's!!!
we miss you and cant wait to see you soon!

today we slept in a bit to recover from last night, got some lunch at the chow hall and got all sun screened up for the beach.

we hung out there until we had to get out to go get all our gear from the place that the army ball was- because last night we literally snuck off the back of the stage out of a backdoor and left it all there.

so we got it all packed up and drove it a few blocks down to emon beach where our show was going to be tonight.

then we all went to dinner and got ready for the show.

the show started at sunset and was absolutely gorgeous. i wish you all could have been there to see the sunsetting on the beach behind the band playing. it was the perfect last show.

tons of people showed up, and all of the kids from the island i think- there was probably 100 of them...tons! and you better believe they all wanted autographs. and it was pitch dark- when that time rolled around- so i was the official flash light holder...yes a manager wears many hats- and now mine includes lighting specialist

the island loved us and we got invited to a traditional hawaiian luau after the show. the food was too die for. the host was from hawaii and you could tell by the food. there was even an hula dancer...half of the island showed up and we got tons of thanks and praises for a well done show on the beach.

some of the band stayed out and partied to celebrate kwaj style- but kyle, joel and i headed back early because we met a nice oklahoman, frunk, who agreed to take us snorkeling tomorrow morning at 8am.

i wish we were certified divers- because this is supposed to be the best place in the world to dive. there are 6-8 ships that sunk in the lagune right off of the island. he said that there is a german ship that even sticks part of the way out of the water still. and the japanese ships have planes on them still and you can go inside of them. he said that there was one that had like 80 planes down there! next time i will be scuba dive certified when i come here for sure!!

i can't wait...just hope i start to feel better and can knock this cold out!

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