Wednesday, June 13, 2007

day 21- korea day 5

today was was our second and last day off of the tour.
we are still in seoul, south korea at the marriott.
its super nice- but everything is pricey.

we were happy to be able to return to the glorious breakfast buffet again and then just relaxed and did some shopping.

we found a whole underground world that seoul had to was insane...malls, markets, restaurants, ect all underground... it's funny- i think korea is more americanized than japan was after seeing the secret underground world.

we had some amazing pizza hut fondue pizza- that had squash in the crust and was delicious.

the day was spent relaxing and re-cooperating from a crazy tour so far.

here is a video i just got emailed from the armed forces network news at sasebo, japan.

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