Monday, March 19, 2007

my first grapple

that's right ladies and gents- grapple.

an apple that tastes like a grape.

How Is A Grāpple® Made you might ask?

Well their website told me:

"Grāpple® brand apples begin as a Washington Extra Fancy Fuji Apple. Of all apples this is the one that takes on the grape flavor best.
This Patent Pending process is complex and the ingredient mix primarily includes concentrated grape flavor and pure water. All ingredients are USDA and FDA approved and the process has been licensed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

There is nothing but flavor being infused into the Fuji apple. The apple takes on no additional sugars or calories. They are not genetically altered in any way.
The apple is as healthy as ever but now has the new exciting grape flavor."

my review- tastes like a apple soaked in grape juice. not to shabby.
but at just over a dollar each- i don't think i will be going out of my way to enjoy one in the future. maybe just special occasions.

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Heather B said...

I will keep my eyes peeled for one ... my 2 favorite fruits combined!