Monday, March 26, 2007

happy spring.

'if you are feeling down and blue,
just shop, shop, shop-
shop for shoes.'
-window display at westroads mall.

me and ashley went and got pedicures today on our lunch break.

i got the deluxe one for the first time...

the lady massaged my feet and legs for close to an hour.

it was heaven after this weekends havoc on my feet.

then i got 'tequila toes' nail polish- the perfect color for spring.
ashley got the color 'my chihuahua bites'

get ready for sandal season ladies and gents!

next stop- new shoes.

ps- it's a beautiful 81 degrees here in omaha today out of towners!


Jimmy said...

where did you get them done at westroads? the scary place upstrairs near von maur?

Danelle the Photographer said...

yep- that's how we roll.

it's not scary now though.

the place downstairs is...

heidi said...

ya know, even as an outta towner, last year while pg w/mg i spent some qt in Omaha & went to that same spot for my final pg pedi.

i've already run out & got my 1st of the season. and my flip-flop tan is already apparent.

this stayathomemom thing gives you a hella tan!