Saturday, March 10, 2007

nashville: oh what a day.

we got lost on our way to the girls new apartment last night and didnt get here until after 11pm.
went to the store and got soda and pizza rolls.
stayed up until up at 7am.
went to practice at the palace at 8am.
there was only half of a drum set making it unplayable and a pa that took us an hour to figure out.
mean while i called 14 places to try to rent drums or practice space.
no luck really. thanks chuck at guitar center for all of your help.
got kind of kicked out of the palace around 11am.
found out my father in laws cousins brother lives in nashville and that he has a recording studio.
had his cousin call her brother and got it worked out to practice in his church, thank you Jesus!
almost got into a huge accident after a semi that was driving by one of our cars lost its dollie back wheels and they caught onfire bounced super high on the road right over them, ONFIRE and then over the median into the other lane of on coming highway traffic. INSANITY.
then we went to the church and practiced till 3ish. we had krystal's for lunch. those lil burgers are soo yummy.
then we went back and took a nap and are getting ready to go out for a crazy country night.
then more practice in the am and back to omaha.

ps- we also went to cooter's place and saw the general lee and the lil' lee.

pics to come.

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Linsey said...

I did not know we had family in Nashville. ha! what a total blessing!