Sunday, March 25, 2007

make-up artist by day, bull riding and wig parties by night

so i survived day two of 12 hour work days and it left me tired and ready for a day of nothing.

the makeup event went well. i pretty much rocked and sold tons of make-up.

the rodeo was fun. i talked the famous daves girl into trading some bbq for an army radio. that is a picture of the belt buckle we were raffling away. it was quiet the dinner plate as they say.

the wig party for kristin and lindsey's birthday was also fun.
it's always good to see my lipgloss girls.

it was a full day of me going from 8am-12am.

my feet and legs hurt today- but today my husband is great and got me peanut butter chicken and gave me a massage.

life is good.


Heather B said...

The wig is amazing - and I want that headband!

Danelle the Photographer said...

thanks it was actually an old halloween wig. it has cat ears but i used the headband to cover them up.

the headband was in the dollar bin section at target. me and ashley snatched them up.

rock rock.