Friday, March 16, 2007

the anti-agency

it's official we are starting our own agency.

the 'anti' agency.
where we are as young and hip as the work we create.

here is who i want in the agency...anyone else care to join us?

Me- Events, PR and Recruiter Rockstar
Jimmy F- Project Papa
James C- VP of BS- New Business Development
Katie- Most Creative Director
Meredith- Account Goddess and Videographer
Alex- Design Diva
Ashley- Pretty PR and Writer
Matt- The ‘Suit’- New Business Development
Linsey- Client Whisperer
Molly- Anti-Agency worker
Chris- Professional Paparatzi
Travis- Graphic Design and Web Guru
Heather-Money Honeys

im being serious here. let's find some clients who want cool work and cool people to represent them. we will start small doing work from our home offices in omaha, dallas and long beach. we don't even have to quit our day dreams if we dont want to. we will make some $ and travel the world together. be our own bosses.

who's in?

start thinking of names and clients. we will start the agency of our dreams!


Ashley said...

I think that our name should just be the anti-agency...that makes a statement and fits us all!!

Jimmy said...

how about sexy time anti-agency? i like that one.

Katie said...

I'm in! I'm in!

We need a tagline for the sexy time anti-agency.

How about...Where anti-establishment and sexy meet?