Friday, March 30, 2007

ode to obi....

today on my last day at obi,
i say thank you.
thank you jimbo for getting me this first job out of college.
thank you mary ann, shawn and tj for hiring me.
thank you meredith for keeping me sane and helping me have some insane dance parties.
thank you jimbo and ashley for the many memorable lunches.
thank you tj for keeping my imagination growing and helping me with impromptu songwriting.
thank you jon for the help with computers, servers, Thai food and everything else under the sun.
thank you shane for driving me to my wedding reception in your slammin impala.
thank you mark for teaching me new things about photography.
thank you shawn for believing in me and letting me try new things.
thank you kerrie for encouraging me to grow- even after you were my internship supervisor.
thank you jeff for the fun stories.
thank you annie for showing me to be careful what you wish for.
thank you chris a. for showing me how cool video can be.
thank you chris b. for being the other half of shake and bake.
thank you tenniel for having such awesome graphics that it inspires me to learn illustrator better.
thank you jen for being my cheerleader and teaching me how to pitch.
thank you ed for playing your guitar on a whim.
thank you shannon for always believing i would see matthew mcconaughey on my honeymoon.
thank you jason for being an awesome party planning pal and always up for a good chat.
thank you tracy for letting take lead on that photo shoot.
thank you ashley for jammin out to jt and fergie,shopping, getting pedicures and suffering at fed-ex with me on lunch breaks.
...and thank you mary ann for leading me on this wonderful crazy pirate adventure.

we had a good run obi- but now im off to sail the seas and see the rest of the world.

i will miss you.

thanks for the memories!


Ashley said...

OHHHH Darnelle Petersen-Schlegelmilch-Ferrin...we will all miss you too. Don't forget us when you are in your new Mini Cooper!

Jimmy said...

come sail away
come sail away
come sail away with me