Saturday, October 10, 2009

i am home...

sorry for the delay in blogging.
i got home wednesday night and have been busy ever since.
we hosted a husker party thursday night, so i spent my first day home cleaning, doing mountains of laundry and cooking goodies for the party.
friday joel took the day off with me and we watched the last 3 weeks worth of the office and grey's anatomy. then more cleaning...and my dad arrived from oklahoma friday night and we went shopping for pretzels and german wine.
today we woke up to snow!!!
yes it has been 80's in atlanta and i wake up to snow today.
dutch loves it though...she was like a little baby puppy cute.
now we are just getting ready for the 2nd annual schlegelmilch oktoberfest (schlegtoberfest) more cooking and cleaning! :)

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Lynette said...

Welcome back from your deployment. Writing from the PR office at the TC Red Cross Chapter up north. Cheers!