Saturday, October 03, 2009

atlanta deployment: day 9

this is country music sensation eric lee beddingfield.
eric is a georgia boy who lives in nashville now.
when he heard about the floods that ripped through his home state he wanted to help.
they drove up overnight in their tour bus to be at our shelter this morning to meet people affected by the floods.
eric and chuck (bass player) toured the shelter and spoke with some of our guests who are still displaced almost 2 weeks later.
last night we had around 120 people in our cobb civic center shelter
a lot of them were families with small children.
both our staff, fema and shelter residents were excited to meet eric and chuck and it seemed to brighten their day.
they thought it is cool that he is from georgia and will be doing a benefit show for the red cross and georgia flood victims in nashville on oct. 16.
both eric and chuck were awesome and said how eye opening the experience was.
eric said he is going to go back to nashville and rally his country music troops to help these people.
they are also going to use the photos, videos and stories i have been gathering to show at the benefit show.
thanks for being so rad guys!
it was a pleasure meeting you and being your tour guide/red cross escort.
best of luck and please share these stories.
the more people know that floods arent gone when the water is, the more help we can get the survivors.

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