Monday, October 05, 2009

atlanta deployment: day 10

things are finally starting to slow down for us...and ive started to think back on the people i have met in my short time in georgia.
these are people i wont ever forget.
i admire their strength, perseverance and spirt.

this is kristen anderson.
she works for the church of the good shepard in austell.
we filmed this video with her after things started to slow down at her church.
her church was another one of our great partners.
they helped us deliver meals in austell to people who couldnt leave their neighborhood.
kristen hadnt slept much since the flood, since she was helping to keep the church doors opened for people to come and stay if they needed a place...but let me tell you she had an incredible spirit.
she was practically flying when she was telling us about how the red cross had helped her help her community.
it was great to see how one person can help extend our mission.
...and this is just one of the people and one of the stories i heard. :)

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