Thursday, October 01, 2009

atlanta deployment: day 7

today was my first day off and it was needed.
i slept in! it was fabulous. then i got up and had lunch at maggiano's
i had the most wonderful caprese salad and italian sausage and orzo soup.

then i went to the mall to get my haircut and a pedicure... which i meant to do weeks ago- so i feel a lot better now!
then i came back to the hotel and took a nap
and awoke to eat my sweet potato cheesecake
i have decided its my new favorite desert (second to cupcakes of course)
it was amazing (dad please learn how to make this!!)
then tonight we took 300 volunteers to the braves game.
it was the perfect weather and we all had a blast.
i got a chicago hot dog, pretzel and diet coke
the braves folks then came by to give us all gift bags with souvenirs (which will be going to a coworkers sons who are from atlanta but live in omaha now)
overall it was the perfect day!
thanks for fun atlanta!

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