Saturday, October 10, 2009

10 things i learned on my first red cross disaster deployment in georgia

1. i heart sweet potatoes and wish i wasnt denied them as a child.
2. disasters can ruin everything you own, but not your spirit.
3. people in atlanta drive like they are in fast forward.
4. next time i should bring i can sleep.
5. floods are insane. the damage they cause is mindboggling...and i will never forget how they smell.
6. chicken and waffles do go together...and they are amazing.
7. we have the best volunteers at the red cross.
8. always pack extra batteries and shoes with arch support.
9. the red cross is so much bigger than us. its amazing to see people smile when we show up to help...and its even more amazing to meet the people we help first hand.
10. i cant wait to deploy again.

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