Monday, January 29, 2007

top five...

places i despise.
in order.

1. fed-ex kinkos: why should it take 5 hours to mail a box?

2. usps: why is there always lines that never move like fed-ex? and why do you take my packages to your office so i have to wait in these lines-instead of just leaving the packages like the ups guy?

3. the dmv: why are there so many forms to fill out?

4. the dentist: how do i get my card back into the cavity free club? i brush, i do.

5. the social security office: yes- ive been there twice- both times a total treat.

as you can see these are overall slow places that take up time we do not have to be waiting in lines for.

with the change of my last name i have gotten to go to all of these fun houses for one reason or another.


Katie said...

ugh! i'm never changing my last name. and for me, dentist is the #1 most despised.

Jimmy said...

i'm with katie - i had a bad dentist experience.

but fedex was pretty bad. at least they are right next to starbucks!