Sunday, January 14, 2007

the email that broke the ice...

i planned on reading this at the wedding sometime but totally forgot.

here is the story:

me and joel met the summer of 2001 at a zao concert at the cog factory- thanks to john. the funny thing is i had my camera that day and had jaimi snap a photo of us on our way to the concert. see picture above. look how cute and young we are.

we talked our senior years of high school and i drove to west omaha often to see him. he wasnt much of an talker and it took him a good year to talk to me candidly. the funny thing is for me to call him in omaha from plattsmouth it was long distance, but it was free for him to call me. dont ask me why. i still dont know to this day. but i was to embarrassed to ask him to call me back- that i would run the phone bill up and have to take the heat at the end of every month for my phone calls to joel.

after i moved to omaha for college me and joel started hanging out more and more. i wanted to date him for a long time, but i would get so nervous around him when i was about to ask him i just broke down and emailed him one day saying do you want to be more than friends basically... and this is what he said.


From : Joel Schlegelmilch
Sent : Thursday, October 31, 2002 1:01 AM
To : 'Danelle Petersen'
Subject : RE: hello sir

Hey. I don't know if you will get this before i see you tonight, but i will
e-mail you back anyways. I think of myself as a kind of sally when it comes
to relationship stuff, so things sometimes come out tangled or not at all.
i think i have wanted to be a bit more that just friends with you for a
while, but i am shy and it is hard to say anything. hangin out and doing
things with you makes joel a really happy boy. i like watching movies and
chilling with you, it is great. dont worry about saying anything stupid
because you are the only one here that is brave enought to say anything, and
i am just really shy, even though i do think about you all the time, i just
don't say anything. i like were our relationship is going right now, so i
will leave it at that. ttyl..

your big sally friend joel


i love you joel.


Jimmy said...

i love it!!!!

mr. joel is a sally no more.

Katie said...

awwwww! Mrs. Sally Schlegelmilch!