Sunday, January 14, 2007

something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

something old: the name petersen.
something new: the name schlegelmilch.
something borred: grandmas pearls.
something blue: my tattoo.

i guess i will always be a petersen, i mean look at this danish face. i know what ebleskiver's are and like them and even have the pan from williams-sonoma, thanks to cousin Jim and Abby. I've been to the danish windmill museum and actually have family heirlooms in there. i look just like my dad. i will always have the petersen chubby face and fingers. and i will always have a camera snap snap snapping tons of pictures like those darn petersen's do so well.

i will always be a petersen. i will always have an amazing family...whether they are petersens, cramers, seils, johnsons, stefanics and jensens. they are all great.

but now i get a new name and a new family. i got a new big sister and shopping warrior friend linsey (who i adore) a brother in law matt who can tell me everything i need to know about buying a house and investments, and a little brother named kyle who i can always count on to toss me an amazing pizza among other things. (oh and he has a hot little lady named rachael who the sweetest thing second to chocolate. a new mom who can cook the best fried chicken ive ever tasted and hug like the best of them. and a new dad. a dad who just happens to be one of the cutest people i've ever met. dont let the leather, earing or harley fool you. he is the biggest softy i know. he also is a hugger and one of the best ive ever met. oh and i get a lot of rad new cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents...

but most importantly i get an amazing husband. i have loved mr joel for quiet sometime. about 5 years. and everyday i love him more and more. we were married on our 50 month anniversary. thats pretty neat.

here are some of my favorite pics from the greatest day of my life. more to come...

greatest days of my life and pictures of course.

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Katie said...

your little ring bearer was so adorable!

have you seen the video of him dancing yet?