Friday, January 26, 2007

cupie cakes and kids...

i love both.
specifically the wedding cupcakes my new cousin erin made so deliciously for me and this little boy, ben (another new cousin).
this if one of my favorite pictures from the wedding.
i took this picture as i heard some hussle and bussle behind me when we were eating dinner. it seems that ben, among other people, could just not wait to get their hands on those cupcakes. instead of being a bridezilla and yelling wait!!! dont eat the cupcakes yet- i wanted to feed one to joel- i say hold on, grab my camera and spin around and say 'say cheese.' ben flashes his priceless smile and i snap. the rest is history. i can feed joel cake anyday. i wish i could see this little wippersnapper more.

i love this photo for the following reasons:

1. ben is the cutest thing ive ever seen.
2. that cupcake looks glorious.
3. i love cupcakes.
4. did i mention how cute ben is?
5. it was the happiest day of my life.


Ben's mama said...

He is the cutest thing i've ever seen hold a cupcake [until Margie gets a few more months in her and holds one, too...]

this picture makes me happy. so does the "after" one I have with his frosting-ed face :)

Katie said...

this makes me hungry for a cupcake.