Monday, January 22, 2007

penny lane and mr joel

they have a love hate relationship.
mostly love though.
he 'hates' cats. was 'allergic'

funny how he isnt anymore.
must be love that someone who is allergic and hates cats buys one for a valentines gift for his lady.

she snuggles with him more than she snuggles with anyone else.
he talks to her in a special little voice.
she gets into things she shouldn't and he yells in an extra loud deep voice.
he gets her ramped up and running around like nobody else.
he calls her a devil cat when she is bad.
she calls him the jerk when he ignores her.
he gets upset when she always trys to surf the web on his lap.

since my sister got her new cat he has been nothing but trouble.

me showing joel a picture of megans new cat gus.
joel: penny thinks gus is ugly.

gus loves bread.
he jumps up on the counter,
drags the bag down,
and puts it in megan's bed
and eats it all.

me: penny needs more food.
joel: penny go make yourself a sandwich...gus does.

1 comment:

Katie said...

yes, penny. make yourself a sandwich. and while you're at it, grab me a beer.