Wednesday, January 24, 2007

key to my heart.

i remember when i was little my parents would always take us to sears to get our portraits taken. nothing glamorous, but just something with me and my little sister in matching clothes that grandma petersen usually sent for sears.

our hair was always curled and had big bows in it. megan always had a horrible cowlick and we would have to be crafty with the hairspray.

anyways... they would have these photo packages to pick from and i remember my mom picking a package that would always have a teenie tiny picture in it.

a picture for her locket.

she had a small silver oval locket on a long silver chain. there was a little pearl that was between the locket and the chain. and the locket had some flowers engraved on it.

i always wanted to look in there and see what was in there.

always a tiny picture of us right by her heart.

i liked knowing i was close to her heart.

i used to have a gold and red minnie mouse locket when i was little. i remember my dad went somewhere with work and brought it back from one of his trips.

one for me and one for megan.

i think i put of a picture of my cat felix in it.

sometimes a tiny piece of sand or lint...whatever would fit.

so for the past few years i have wanted a locket again- to put a picture of my love in.

they are hard to find these days. joel said borsheims didnt have any when he went to look for a wedding gift. that is sad.

i did find one at vonmaur the other day...

...and valentines day is coming up.

one day i will take portraits of my kids and wear them in a locket close to my heart.


Katie said...

I am honored and humbled by this request Danelle. Please let me know which picture of me you would like in locket size so you can always keep your love near your heart.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to sweet-talk [pun intended] Tom into buying one for me for Vday. I already have the thumbnail pics ready from my last snapfish order. I do have a locket stand-in, a faux gold cancer one that was my dear, dead Aunt Elsie's [another fabby cancer crab]