Thursday, April 22, 2010

BLOG 1,000- breaking news: i finally know my blood type

for my oh-so-important-1,000th blog i will write about something super exciting!
my blood type!
i finally know it!
after years of deferrals and almost 3 years at the red cross and i can accurately say i am a blood donor and my blood type is AB+!

More about AB Positive

* 3% of the population can receive your red blood cells.
* 100% of the population can receive your platelets.
* 100% of the population can receive your plasma.

You share your blood type with 3% of the population.
Your parents have one of the following blood type combinations:

* A, B
* AB, A
* AB, B
* AB, AB

The Japanese believe that your blood type is an indicator of your personality,* similar to the belief in the Signs of the Zodiac here in America. According to the superstition, people with type AB blood are cool, controlled, rational, sociable, popular, critical and indecisive. Your Rh factor does not play a role in determining your personality.
(sounds pretty right on, right? at least i think im cool and indecisive!)

Some famous people with type AB blood are Jackie Chan, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy and Mick Jagger.

*There is no scientific basis for this theory. Such claims should be considered a form of entertainment, much like reading one's horoscope.

wanna know about your blood type?
click here!

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