Tuesday, April 06, 2010

dear conan- help!

i must see your tour- but it is sold out everywhere.
i would have tickets but the day they went on sale i was teaching a red cross class and without my precious social media and missed the boat.
i then proceeded to lay on the sofa all night depressed and moaping.
i had a dream last week i met you again.
in this dream i told you about how i always have dreams we are friends (see previous blogs).
you had on a brown leather bomber jacket and your hair looked glorious.
i told you how i really wanted to see your tour and how i would travel any distance to get there.
you said you would help and gave me tiny little 'conan dollars' and told me to use them to buy my secret tickets.
you then gave me a rusty old class ring.
i remember thinking how small it was because it fit my finger perfectly.
i still dont have tickets to your show-and would take any extras you have.
i noticed you have an open day in between your kc and mn shows...
come to omaha please!
you can come to the red cross (where i work) and volunteer and then do a gig at the orpheum!
have your people call my people and i will set everything up.

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