Thursday, September 24, 2009

thoughts going through my head the night before my first deployment

i hope all my stuff fits in my suitcase
i hope i dont forget something important
i hope its not too humid (come on its a flood in hotlanta danelle)
i hope i dont miss joel too much (i already miss him...ugh)
i hope i get to meet the real housewives of atlanta
i wish i would have gotten that pedicure last weekend
it sure would be nice to make it on cnn
i wonder if i will sleep in a staff shelter or hotel
i hope the other pa people are nice
would it be too crazy if i brought my tattooed rain boots
what kind of shoes do you wear to do media in a flood
i hope i dont get blisters
i hope i can find diet coke
i hope i can help people who need it most
i wonder if the local media will follow me to the airport tomorrow or call me bright and early
i hope i dont get h1n1
i wonder if i will have to boil my water
i hope i have electricity
i hope my ipod's battery doesnt poop out
i hope i dont forget something on my list
i hope i dont get lost driving around in atlanta
i sure hope my cell phones work
i hope joel remembers to feed penny lane
i wonder if i will get to see my friend jennifer that lives in atlanta
i hope hope hope they have wifi
i hope i get home in time for our oktoberfest party that ive invited over 100 people to
i hope i have fun...

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Kylee said...

wow, what an adventure. be careful there!