Saturday, September 26, 2009

atlanta deployment: day 2

today i got up bright and early got briefed on whats going on and hit the road.
i joined two nice flordia volunteers on their ERV for my first ride along.
i got to ride in the extra third seat that is in the back!
we took out 200 heater meals (self heating meals) and 20 cases of water to take out to affected areas.
we visited a mobile home park that had 109 families that were affected.
it was crazy to see the damage that a flood can do.
i could see the water line and it was about half the way up on their homes.
it was really awesome to see people smile as we pulled in to help.
one client said hes been living in his van with the clothes on his back.
he said he was glad we were there and he didnt realize that we werent a government agency and that we are funded by donor dollars.
he said he was going to start giving to us and that more people should.
it was very touching.
i then spent most of the night trying to get my own rental car since half of our pa team goes home tomorrow and we need a car.
i got a zippy little g6 and got home about 10pm to finally eat dinner.
time flies in times of disaster!
more to come tomorrow...where word on the streets (well within our pa streets) is that cnn might do a story about the cool new technology we use during disasters! keep your eyes peeled!!

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