Saturday, September 12, 2009


upon being offered free tickets to see britney in desmonies kathy, linsey, ashley and i were:
1. embarrassed to admit we were going to see her
2. not knowing what to expect besides a hot mess disaster
3. excited to see what the circus tour had in store for us

after leaving the show we were:
1. entertained beyond belief
2. some what shocked at just how good it was
3. thirsty from dancing
3.5. sad mandy wasn't there to see her idol.

britney put on one heck of a show people. it was literally like a circus, freak show, magic show, dance party, ninja attach, bollywood, cirque soleil and so much more.

it was more like a vegas show than a concert. a multi-sensory experience really. lights, fire, confetti, people flying out of the ceilings, music...

insanity is all i can say.

and that girl can still dance.

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