Friday, September 25, 2009

atlanta deployment: day 1

today was spent traveling mostly.
my flight was delayed and my bag was overweight by 7 lbs.
thank god for the delta man who took pitty on my little red cross soul and let it slide.
i told him the red cross didnt have $90 for 7 extra pounds...and that i needed my heavy rain boots for the flood.
i would also like to thank god for finding other red crossers to carpool with to the chapter.
i was really nervous to drive in atl traffic on a friday night alone...
i met some nice volunteers from missouri and then miss lee a sweet retired school teacher from upstate new york.
we carpooled to the chapter and got there around 7pm to check in on the assignment. (even saw an erv from florida on the interstate)
i met my pa team and they seem great. they had a press conference today with biden (bummer i missed it)
tomorrow we have a phoneathon and then i think they are going to send me out to take the media on tours with the emergency response vehicle (erv)
im excited to get out and work and they are even more excited that im a social media guru.
they told me they would give me my own rental car if i teach them all how to twitter...hehe.
my new buddy miss lee and i ventured to our hotel (with wifi-yayyy) and then met up with another volunteer from nc and went to get thai for dinner.
we found the cutiest little place. we will now be going there a lot i feel...then we went to a little grocery store and got some breakfast food, fruit etc.
i forgot my wrinkle releaser spray at home, but luckily they had some. its pretty much my travel bff.
oh well i gotta get to bed so i can be up early to meet the ladies at 7:30am!
more to come.
-ps- i got some georgia peaches and cant wait to eat them!!

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