Saturday, September 13, 2008

week wrap up

similar to katie i too had quiet possibly the longest week ever.
i meant to update my blog earlier...even shot photos this week to share- but i cant find the darn usb attachment cord my camera takes to load pics. ugh!

so here is what i have been up to:

planning for one of our biggest blood drives that was on patriots day (9-11) that we partnered with the police, fire and military for.

to promote this we had the mayor, sheriff, fire chief and a deputy chief of the omaha police department all donate blood together- with the media present of course...

the goal for this two day drive was 410 pints of blood. that is a lot of blood! im proud to announce that even with the pouring rain we beat our goal! it was really cool to see so many police officers, firefighters and the community show up to support the drive.

miss nebraska, our newest spokesperson for blood donation even made a visit to both the firefighters union hall and offutt were we hosting drives. while at offutt she made a email message for the troops and the story ended up in the omaha world-hearld! click here to read it. you can also view the video on the right side of the news page.

action 3 news was our sponsor along with cd105.9 for this drive- but all of the news channels showed up! it was a great day for red cross media!

i did a live shot at 6am and was there until after our 530pm live shot. it was a long day but well worth the work!

after that i did an interview with susannah gora for her book about how 80's movies have effected our generation. see past blog describing this...

anyways the interview went great and i think susannah and i will start an i heart john hughes club soon. she said that she is wrapping the book up now and that she will let me know when it is being published. i cant wait to see it. she got to interview a bunch of the actors, directors, writers etc for her book and it should rock. i about peed my pants when she said she interviewed molly ringwald! ugh lucky!

so this week has been a busy one- but great also. tonight is my mom and randy's annual fish fry and i cant wait! cheb is coming in from lincoln to be my date- since mr. joel is in lincoln for the game.

pictures to come when i find that darn cord!

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Katie said...

What a great/busy week! By the way...congrats on what you texted about. You know...the dl news. So proud of you! You deserve it!