Monday, September 22, 2008

tomorrow on the maury show...

omaha's own maynard triplets are singing on the talented twins and triplets show!
as you might know i do their p.r. and we went to nyc last month so they could film the show- well the time has come and it airs tomorrow. in omaha on kxvo at 2pm...dont know about other cities check your own local listings for channels and times.

if you look close you will see me in the studio audience in the front row on the right side of the stage closest to the catwalk dorking out with my camera. im wearing the bright outfit pictured above. ha!

click here to see the videos online of the girls singing.

...and be sure to vote for our favorite french triplets 3nity! (the girl's just wanted to sing and did not participate in the contest- so we want you to all vote for 3nity ok?)

oh and the girls sing first on the show so dont miss the beginning and stick around for the our french friends 3nity to see the videos of when we went exploring nyc together!

so much fun! wish we could go back!

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