Friday, September 19, 2008

happy talk like a pirate day!

(me 2 years ago on talk like a pirate day!)

arrghhh mates- as you all know, i love to celebrate this glorious holiday every september...
in honor of some crazy wicked pirates that came before us here are a few of my favorite swashbuckling friends. thanks to for the 10 pirates piece today.

Black Bart
Not your archetypal pirate, Black Bart, a.k.a Bartholomew Roberts, reportedly seized over 400 ships, yet preferred tea to rum. Roberts was also a fan of fine jewelry and clothing and actually encouraged prayer.

Mary Read and Anne Bonny (would totally be linsey and i if we lived in the 1700's)
Mary Read and Anne Bonny, from England and Ireland respectively, have gone down in history as the only female pirates recorded. The two met aboard Calico Jack's ship, yet avoided execution after being caught in October 1720 by claiming they were pregnant.

While his pirate career only lasted roughly five years, Blackbeard was one of the more ruthless pirates that patrolled the Caribbean. Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Teach, commanded a fleet of four ships and well over 300 pirates at one time.

Howell Davis
English pirate Howell Davis roamed the Caribbean as well, but not for long. His pirate career lasted a mere 11 months. While many pirates would rely on guns and ammo to get their work done, Davis became infamous by tricking and bribing his enemies. Davis' sinister ways caught up to him though, as he was ambushed and killed in June 1719.

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