Tuesday, September 16, 2008

today is the day that i turn a quarter of a century old...

where has time gone?
it seems just like yesterday that i was planning my new kids on the block birthday parties...yes people i had new kids parties like from age 5-9 probably. every year the same thing. mom would make a homemade chocolate atomic cake and decorate it to say 'new kids on the block'. i would send out the new kids on the block invites, get the new kids plates and napkins out and ready to rock...and the i would unwrap my new kids on the block barbies and we would sing new kids on the block songs all night long thanks to my little brown playskool cassette player. and of course we would decorate t-shirts with puffy paint on the kitchen floor. mine would always say 'i heart jordan' of course... kylee's would say 'i love joey' and chrissy's would say 'i love jonathan' if i remember correctly. oh and then we would do make-overs...some scarier than others with the blue eyeshadow.
i will try and find these pictures... not only because they are hilarious...but because i will be going to see new kids in novemeber when they come to omaha and it would be great to recreate the exact same shirt with neon pink and orange puffy paint to wear to the concert!


Katie said...

Thank goodness for puffy paint!

And happy birthday to you old lady!

Jimmy said...

they're so old now..just like you! BUUURN!