Saturday, February 03, 2007

see you later pal.

two days till one of my greatest loves leaves.

my man of honor, past classmate, co-worker, travel buddy, shopping pal, friend and once internet husband.

i met jimbo in college thanks to miss molly. she was leaving spo and he was coming to replace her. i called him the 'new molly.' because they reminded me of each other with their peppy attitude and stylish gap clothes.

i quickly fell in love and we were traveling the world together. Wisconsin, Minnesota, London, Paris.

i registered him for all of his he would be with me of course- and he ended up graduating with me in may. who cares if he could have graduated glad i just happened to pick the wrong classes that made his stay at uno longer.

i owe my professional first job out of college to him- thanks pal. we had many long lunches, petty cash shopping trips and tickle fights at obi.

we has my first husband... on facebook- and i will always be danelle petersen-schlegelmilch-ferrin.

i will miss you more than you will know jimbo...

but i will come and visit. i do love the ocean. and i love you. the perfect combination!

here are some photos from jimmy's 'see you later' party last night at upstream.

i was glad to meet the blogger family. it was a great night.


Jimmy said...

this makes me cry

i'm a big ol' sally

i love you too! thank you for everything.

molly said...

happy b-day mr joel!

Katie said...

danelle the photographer is at it again! **snap**snap**snap**

Heather B said...

I borrowed a few of these ... I hope you don't mind!

I will give you full credit, of course, if I ever pull out of my Jimmy-is-gone sadness induced coma and blog again.